The thought of our founder followed by his legacy ...

" we are a company specialized in Pro-Audio, Pro-Video including project design, equipment distribution, digital automation, and integration services. 

Erhardt Projetos is one of the largest companies in the country in this area and are very proud with our growth and the significant projects we are developing in spite of the economic crisis that Brazil has being facing over the past years.  We represent and are certified by the world’s leading technology equipment manufacturers, including Harman – JBL, Crown, AMX, Bosch/Electrovoice, Panasonic, Samsung, Guest-Teck, Bose, TOA, among others.

We are always seeking to understand the business of companies in our industry as we believe that each company have a product or a service that might fit the needs of our clients.

Erhardt Projetos has an extensive portfolio of projects, including major infrastructure developments related to the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 and the World Cup Brazil 2014, which included the Maracana Stadium (major soccer field and sport center located in Rio de Janeiro), Dunas Stadium (soccer field and sport center located in city of Natal), and Gremio Stadium (soccer field located in the city of Porto Alegre).  Regarding the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 we were part of the conceptual and executive projects related to the                 Rio de Janeiro’s international airport (Galeao –Internacional Airport Antonio Carlos Jobin), Olympic Aquatic Stadium, Olympic Velodrome, among others.

In addition, we are extremely proud to be the firm hired for the project design of the first Rosewood Hotel in Brazil, located at the Complexo Cidade Matarazzo, which will take Sao Paulo Hospitality Industry to superior levels never seen in our country.

We are able to deliver pro-audio and video projects to customers around the world, which, by the way, is a growing business segment for us because our competency is equivalent to that of Europeans and Americans. but at a reduced cost. So, in short, you would have project design costs paid by the Brazilian level and customer revenues in US dollars or euros (or another more valued currency). We have a very specialized team of architects with extensive experience in Design Creation right for your expectations.

Regarding integration services we have developed such services in most of the Brazilian territory and also Latin America, and we also perform professional audio and video equipment distribution on the region as well.

We believe that the success of Erhardt Project is to treat see each project as unique through our deep knowledge on the recent technology available in the market, enabling us to customize each solution to the client’s technical requirements and optimizing the use of their budget.  This approach caused us to build strong relationship with the major clients in Brazil and also with our suppliers."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         in memory of Luiz Antonio Erhardt

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