Hotel TV

Airwave provides a full range of TV and multimedia solutions for hotels and is the UK's leading supplier, installer and integrator of hotel television. From dedicated hotel TV screens to Smart TV, hotel red button services, and full IPTV systems, Airwave can provide a complete solution for hotels, tailored to meet their individual requirements.


Dedicated Hotel
TV Screens

Airwave partners with the main manufacturers of hotel TV, Samsung, Philips, LG and Sharp, to provide hotels with high quality LCD/LED screens with tailored hotel features such as menu locking and volume limitation, as well as other enhanced features.



Today's hotel guests want to play out their own movies and series on the big screen. Airwave supplies a range of connectivity options from partners including Teleadapt, as well as our AirMEDIA solution, which enable the seamless play out of guest's personal content on their in-room TVs.

Smart Hotel TV

Online apps, guest services, internet browsing and more. Airwave supplies a range of Smart Hotel TV solutions, including solutions from partners Samsung and Philips, as well as our own AirMEDIA smart solution, compatible with your exisiting televisions. All solutions enable wireless connectivity to guests devices.



From Freeview to full Sky HD and 3D, the latest blockbuster Hollywood movies, free international channels and on demand BBC programming, Airwave has you covered. We can provide the best content to suit your budget.

Hotel Information Channels

If you're looking for a low cost, high quality information system for your hotel, or a way to promote hotel products, services or facilities that generate additional revenue, then look no further than Airwave's AirCAST and AirINFO hotel information channels.


Remote Management

With Samsung's innovative SIRCH remote control headend equipment and Philips' SmartInstall remote installation and maintenence web tool, you can now remotely install and configure all your hotel TVs without having to visit every guest room individually.


IP TV & Vídeo

Craft eye-grabbing video walls that cut through the blazing sun or the glare of klieg lights with the newest LED technology from Panasonic. With Panasonic in your corner, you'll always have more than breakthrough hardware at your disposal. We can help with every aspect of your installation — from design through deployment and long-term support.

Vibrant colors from any angle

Most LED displays control intensity by tilting crystal molecules in the display — like a window blind opening and closing. Shoot them dead on and they look fine. Pan right, and the screen dims. Panasonic IPS technology rotates the crystals so light and color pass at multiple angles. With IPS, displays produce vibrant color and bright images for virtually any camera angle.

Designed for on-set performance

An integrated, anti-glare layer scatters direct and ambient light to drastically reduce reflections and bounce back even under the harsh kliegs of on-set installations.

Don't let your seams show

With bezel-to-bezel widths as small as 4.9mm, Panasonic ultra-narrow-bezel displays merge into near-seamless video walls that provide and uninterrupted canvas for large-scale graphics and video.

Your long-term business partner

Panasonic can provide far more than hardware for your design and fabrication business. We offer a range of services and solutions — from IT infrastructure, to content management and complete, turnkey installations.

Panasonic Solutions supports you with:

  1. 1System design and integration

  2. 2Deployment and installation

  3. 3Content management and creation

  4. 4Long-term service and support

Need more information?

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LARGE LED VIDEO SOLUTIONSLED video displays are the future of the large-area display market. Their scale, durability, energy efficiency, and ability to produce eye-catching video make them integral to the experience in stadiums, arenas, entertainment complexes, outdoor advertising, and other indoor and outdoor locations across a wide range of uses and industries. LED displays are versatile and can be used to excite customers, enhance fan experience, raise company awareness and promote brands.Selecting a large-scale LED video display solution can be a daunting challenge. Recommendations, referrals and “word-of-mouth” are valuable in the initial stages. However, the quality, capability, performance and cost of the LED product as well as the company behind the installation, services, and support, are the leading factors in the final decision. Panasonic understands the complexity of choosing the right LED board. As part of the company’s commitment to end-to-end services, Panasonic works closely with all partners and sub-contractors to ensure that the LED solution successfully addresses four key factors. 

The Right Design: Size, Viewing Angles, and Content

  1. Ideal display for optimizing viewer experience and return on investment, through the right viewing angle, size, architecture and design, and content approach.

The Right LED Components: Diode Technology, Assembly, and Resolution

  1. High-quality LED display technology and quality control throughout the manufacturing process from the top global manufacturers offering a wide range of pixel pitches to meet any potential application.

The Right Durability: Structure and IP Ratings

  1. Structurally sound and resilient displays that offer the appropriate protection against dust, debris, accidental contact, and liquid in all enclosures.

The Right Calibration: Brightness and Contrast

  1. Precise manufacturing tolerances for the LED display hardware that best integrates with the overall solution, combined with expert adjustment to achieve optimal brightness and contrast for exceptional image quality, color reproduction, and uniformity throughout all panels.

As a world-class A/V electronics company, Panasonic applies decades of engineering and design expertise to consult and collaborate with each customer, develop a technology approach designed to achieve business results, and educate all stakeholders on to ensure complete buy-in with the solution.Panasonic has developed a standardized process for supporting customers centered on LED and control room systems and event-driven support planning. The company also provides high-quality customer response and repair capabilities, with flexible service level commitments that integrate with each customer’s needs and capabilities.Panasonic’s service and support operation leverages the world-class infrastructure and processes that Panasonic uses to support and provide field service for two million HDTVs per year and millions of other consumer and "B2B" products. This simplifies the ability to provide support for the many products Panasonic sells to customers. However, each of our custom LED display solutions also depends on the knowledge and relationship that the Solutions Group creates with you during the installation project.

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