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Audio and Video Systems for corporate environments require special care.

It may seem easy and of little relevance to carry out an AV project for this purpose, but it is here that you make the difference between a comfortable environment for your client or not, and the durability of equipment that is differentiated for the commercial environment.

In the first aspect, comfort, it is too important to carry out appropriate studies of the sound coverage, so that it is homogeneous and avoid phase cancellation. In Portuguese, this means that regardless of where the customer is in the commercial environment, the sound arrives exactly the same in your ears, with the same level of sound pressure and with the same sound quality. This helps make the setting of the space very pleasant for your customers.

Another factor is the durability of the equipment, where the choice of equipment suitable for commercial environments is of paramount importance to have easy operation, avoiding complex systems and incredible that may seem, at the end of the day, at the lowest cost that is possible.